Dennis Tyler
321-242-9010 Melbourne Florida

Involved in GPA adoptions since 1991 - 25 years. He started out owning five racing Greyhounds. To understand racing, Dennis and his wife Claire volunteered to work in a race kennel for one season and was part time Associate Judge at the Melbourne Greyhound Park for two years. President of GPA Central Florida from 1996 to 2016. Melbourne track adoption program for 20 years and transitioned over 8,000 Greyhounds. Financially supported the founding of three new GPA groups and worked with over 45 adoption groups all over the eastern half of the U.S. and Canada. Dennis was awarded the American Greyhound Council's Adoption Person of the Year in 2008 and was featured in People magazine in 2011.  Currently president of Greyhound Pet Adoptions of Central Florida a newly formed independent group.


Alane Shultz
417-839-3138 Springfield Missouri

President of Greyhound Pet Adoption Springfield MO. Adopter for 33 years. They have transitioned over 1,500 Greyhounds. Under her supervision, they have raised funds and donated to many other adoption groups to help with hauling fees, and facilitated the movement of Greyhounds to other groups from farms. Alane is well known to help any Greyhound in any group without question. For 24 years, she served as president of Greyhound Pets of America-Springfield MO/Ozarks, and for approximately 17 years, she served on the GPA National board of officers, filling multiple positions. On January 1, 2017, the name of the Springfield group was changed to Greyhound Pet Adoption Springfield MO.


Ethel Whitehurst
800-600-8607 Baltimore Maryland Area

Involved in Greyhound Adoption 25 years. Became GPA Maryland President 2002. 4,700 Greyhounds placed. Former Pathfinders project member when it started in 2009. Does facilitations to move Greyhounds to other groups that were transported. Has raised funds and donated to many other adoption groups.




Michael McCann
617-922-7160 Boston Massachusetts

Michael adopted his first Greyhound in 1994, (22 years) and soon became active in transporting hounds from racetracks in New England, to adoption groups all over the Northeast. After he noticed a disturbing trend of lost Greyhounds on the Greyhound list, he began offering assistance to people with lost hounds, traveling extensively to join lost hound searches, writing articles for Celebrating Greyhound Magazine and started the Greyhound Amber Alert forums on Greytalk, and Facebook. Michael assisted Linda Jensen in her efforts to place and move dogs after the Wonderland and Raynham/Taunton track closings. He joined The Greyhound Project in 1999, and served as president from 2006- 2013. Michael and his wife, Joan, have adopted 16 of their own hounds over the years & fostered hundreds.


Nanette McClary
585-727-7735 Rochester New York

Involved with Greyhound adoption in 1998 (18 years) and founded Greyhound Adoption of Greater Rochester in 2002. Processed close to 1000 Greyhounds. Raised funds and donated to many other adoption groups. Has set up transport of Greyhounds to her group by meeting haulers and other group transports hundreds of miles away.


John McQuade, JD
214-215-8216 Dallas Texas

Co-founder of Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, Inc. (“GALT”) in April, 2001 with Susie McQuade. GALT has overseen the care and adoption of over 2,700 Greyhound racers and Greyhound strays since its inception. A retired attorney, he serves as GALT Board Chairman and CEO responsible for oversight of GALT’s daily operations of canine intake, veterinarian care and adoption, organization business and administrative activities of fund raising and other revenue generation activities, data base maintenance and finance and accounting. Created ongoing working relationship with Texas Greyhound Association to enhance cooperation between Texas Greyhound racing industry and GALT and other interested adoption groups. Organized and managed first Greyhound adoption program at Valley Park Race Greyhound Track, Harlingen, Texas from until track closed in 2009, taking custody of over 800 hounds from that location during that time span.